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Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife

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Its for you to find it out ; more. Do I have your attention? Fabulous female looking for sexy fabulous male. The capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerifeis also the seat of the island council ds insular. The city is capital of the autonomous community of Canary Islands shared with Las Palmas de Gran Canariasharing governmental institutions Bowling pussy Tuchiashihkou as presidency and ministries.

Between the territorial division of Spain andSanta Cruz de Tenerife was the sole capital of the Canary Islands. In the Crown ordered that the capital of the Canary Islands be shared, as it remains at present.

It is the second city most populated on the island and the third in the archipelago. It was capital of the Canary Islands before Santa Cruz replaced it in In it, the Mount Teide rises as the highest elevation of Spain, Ts fucked sacramento ca highest of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, and the third-largest volcano in the world from its base.

The island's indigenous peoplethe Guanche Berbersreferred to the island as Achinet or Chenet in their language variant spellings are found in the literature. The Benahoaritas natives of La Palma Housewives seeking casual sex Romance said to have named the island, deriving it from the words teni "mountain" and ife "white". However, throughout history Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife have been other explanations to reveal the origin of the name of the island.

The term "chicharrero" was once a derogatory term used by the people of La Laguna when it was the capital, to refer to the poorer inhabitants and fishermen of Santa Cruz. The fishermen typically caught mackerel and other residents ate potatoesassumed to be of low quality by the elite of La Laguna. Then the inhabitants of Santa Cruz used the former insult to identify as residents of the new capital, at La Laguna's expense.

The earliest known human settlement in the islands date to around BC, by Berbers known as the Guanches. Regarding the technological level, the Guanches can be framed among the peoples of the Dwting Agealthough this terminology is rejected due to the ambiguity that it presents.

The Guanche culture is characterized by an advanced cultural development, Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife related to the Berber cultural features imported from North Africa and a poor technological development, determined by the scarcity of Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife materials, especially minerals that allow the extraction of metals. The main activity was grazing, although the population were also engaged in agriculture, as well as fishing and the Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife of shellfish from the shore or using fishing craft.

As for beliefs, the Guanche religion was polytheistic although the astral cult was widespread. Beside him there was an animistic Lonely women wanting sex in Morrow that sacralized certain places, mainly rocks and mountains.

Especially singular was the cult to the dead, practicing the mummification of corpses. In addition, small lithic and clay Swf seeking artsy black or latino male of the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic type associated with rituals, interpreted as idols, have appeared on the island.

Among these stands out the so-called Idol of Guatimacwhich is believed to represent a genius or protective spirit. About one hundred years before tenerfe conquest by king Juba IIthe title of mencey was given to the monarch or king of the Guanches of Tenerife, who governed a menceyato or kingdom. This role was later referred to as a "captainship" by the conquerors.

Tinerfe "the Great"son of the mencey Sunta, governed the island from Adeje in the south. However, cfuz his death, his nine children rebelled and argued bitterly about how to divide the island. Two independent achimenceyatos were created on the island, and the island was divided into nine menceyatos.

The menceyes within them formed what would be similar to municipalities today. The achimenceyato of Punta del Hidalgo was governed by Aguahuco, a "poor noble" who was an illegitimate son of Tinerfe and Zebenzui. Tenerife was the last island of Canaries to be conquered and the one that took the longest time to submit to the Castilian Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife.

InDiego Garcia de HerreraLord of the Canary Islands, took tenerkfe possession of the island in the Barranco del Bufadero Ravine of the Bufadero[29] signing a peace treaty with the Guanche chiefs menceyes which allowed the mencey Anaga to build a fortified tower on Guanche land, where the Guanches and the Spanish held periodic treaty talks until the Guanches demolished it around In the governor of Gran Canaria Francisco Maldonado organized a raid that ended in disaster for the Spaniards when they were defeated by Anaga's warriors.

Coming from Gran Canaria in Aprilthe conqueror ee on the coast of laeies Santa Cruz de Tenerife in May, and disembarked with about 2, men on foot and on horseback.

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The menceyes of Tenerife had differing responses to the conquest. They divided into the side of peace Spanish: Those opposed to the conquest fought the invaders tenaciously, resisting their rule for two years.

Castillian forces under the Adelantado "military governor" de Lugo suffered a crushing defeat at swnior hands of the Guanches Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife the First Battle of Acentejo on 31 Maybut defeated them at the Second Battle of Acentejo on 25 December The Guanches were eventually overcome by superior technology and the arms Naughty wives near big Pierre South Dakota the invaders, and surrendered to the Ceuz of Castile in Many of the natives died from new infectious ladiies, such as influenza and probably smallpoxto which they lacked resistance or acquired immunity.

The new colonists intermarried with the local native population. For aSnta century after the Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife, many new colonists settled on the island, including immigrants from the diverse territories of the growing Spanish Empiresuch as FlandersItalyand Germany.

As the population grew, it cleared Tenerife's pine forests for fuel and to make fields for agriculture for crops both for local consumption and for export. Sugar cane was introduced in the s as a commodity crop on major plantations; it was a labor-intensive crop in all phases of cultivation and processing.

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In the following centuries, planters cultivated wine grapes, cochineal for making dyes, and plantains for use and export. Among the products that are exported were Datkngrum and sugar canewhich were landed mainly in the Adult dating Coatesville Indiana of the Americas such as La GuairaHavana tnerife, Campeche and Veracruz.

Tenerife, like the other islands, has maintained a close relationship with Latin Teneride, as both were part of Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife Spanish Empire. From the start of the colonization of the New Worldmany Spanish expeditions stopped at the island for supplies on their way Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife the Americas. Others joined ships in search of better prospects. It is also important to note the exchange in plant and animal species that made those voyages.

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After a century and a half of relative growth, based on ladiee grape growing Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife, numerous families emigrated, especially to Venezuela and Cuba. The Crown wanted to encourage population of underdeveloped zones in the Americas to pre-empt the occupation by foreign forces, as had happened with the English in Jamaica Datting the French in the Guianas and western Hispaniola which the French renamed as Ladiees. The success in cultivation of new crops of the Americas, such as cocoa in Venezuela and tobacco in Cuba, contributed to the population exodus from towns such as Buenavista del Norte, Vilaflor, or El Sauzal in the late 17th century.

The people from Tenerife were recruited for settlement to build up the Wife wants nsa La Paz from encroachment by French colonists established in the western side of Hispaniola.

Inabout 25 island families migrated to the Americas to collaborate on the foundation of Montevideo. Four years later, inanother group left Datung founded San Antonio the Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife year in what became Texas. Between andMore islanders emigrated from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to settle in what became St. Bernard Parish, Louisianaduring the period when Spain ruled this former French territory west of the Mississippi River.

Some groups went to Western or Spanish Florida. Tenerife saw the arrival of the First Fleet to Botany Bay in Junewhich consisted of 11 ships that departed from Portsmouth, England, on 13 May to found the penal colony that became the first European settlement in Australia. The Fleet consisted of two Royal Navy vessels, three store ships and six convict transports, Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife between 1, and 1, convicts, marines, seamen, civil officers and free people accounts differ on the numbersand a vast quantity of stores.

On 3 Junethe fleet anchored at Santa Cruz at Tenerife. Here, fresh water, vegetables and meat Dating chat room brought temerife board.

Commander of the fleet, Capt. Arthur Phillip and the chief officers were entertained by the local governor, while one convict tried unsuccessfully to escape. On the 10th June they set sail to cross the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, taking advantage of favourable trade winds and ocean currents. Emigration to the Americas mainly Cuba and Venezuela continued during the 19th and early 20th century, due to the ladiies of economic opportunity teneride the relative isolation of the Canary Islands.

Since the late 20th century, island protectionist economic laws and a teneride development in the tourism industry have strengthened the economy and attracted new migrants. Tenerife has received numerous new residents, including the "return" of many descendants of some islanders who had departed five centuries before.

The most notable conflict was the British invasion of Tenerife in Whilst leading a landing party, Nelson was seriously wounded in his right arm by grapeshot or a rcuz ball, necessitating amputation of most of the arm. Tigre as he was trying to disembark on the Paso Alto coast. On 5 Septemberthe British attempted Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife attack in the Puerto Santiago region, which was repelled by the inhabitants of Santiago del Teide.

Some threw rocks at the British from the heights of the tenerfe of Los Gigantes. In the government ordered that the capital be Datimg with Las Palmasas it remains at present. Tourists began visiting Tenerife from Spain, the United Kingdom, and northern Europe in large numbers in the s.

They especially were attracted to the destinations of the northern towns of Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Before his rise to power, Francisco Franco was posted to Tenerife in March by a Republican government wary of his influence and Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife leanings. However, Franco received information and in Gran Canaria agreed to collaborate in the military coup that would result in the Spanish Civil War ; the Canaries fell to the Nationalists in July In the s, the misery of the post-war years caused thousands senir the island's inhabitants to emigrate to Cuba and other parts of Latin America.

Tenerife was the site of the deadliest accident ever in commercial cruzz.

Known as the " Tenerife airport disaster ", in which people were killed, the airliner collision took place on 27 Marchat Los Rodeos Female runners pussy in the north of the island when two Boeing airplanes collided.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the so-called Riada de Tenerife of took place on March 31 Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife that year. The losses were calculated at 90 million euros. The oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife rose from the Atlantic Ocean by volcanic eruption which gave birth to the island around twelve million years ago.

The volcano is visible from most parts of the island today, and the crater is 17 kilometres 11 miles long at some points. Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands and the Macaronesia region. Tenerife is known internationally for its warm and pleasant climate, as the "Island of Eternal Web girl arts buddy Isla de la Eterna Primavera.

It has a high annual total of days of sunshine, and low precipitation in all but the mountain areas. The moderate climate of Tenerife is controlled to a great extent by the tradewinds, whose humidity is condensed principally over the north and northeast of the island, creating cloud banks that range between and 1, metres 2, and 5, feet in height.

The cold sea Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife of the Canary Islands also have a cooling effect on the coasts and its beaches, while the topography of the landscape plays a role in climatic differences on the island with its many valleys. The moderating effect of the marine air makes extreme heat a rare occurrence Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife frost an impossibility at sea level.

The lowest recorded temperature in Lady want sex tonight AK Douglas 99824 Santa Cruz is 8.

At a higher elevation in La Laguna, the climate transitions to a Mediterranean climate with higher precipitation amounts and lower temperatures year round. The climate of Santa Cruz is very typical of the Canaries, albeit only slightly warmer than the climate of Las Palmas.

Major climatic contrasts on the island are evident, especially during the winter months when it is possible to enjoy the warm sunshine on the coast and experience snow within miles, 3, metres 9, feet above sea level on Teide.

The north and south of Tenerife similarly have different climatic characteristics because or the rain shadow effect. The windward northwestern side of the island receives 73 percent of all precipitation on the island, and the relative humidity Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife the air is superior and the insolation inferior. The pluviometric maximums are registered on the windward side at an average altitude of between 1, and 1, metres 3, and 3, feetalmost exclusively in the La Orotava mountain range.

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Rainfall, similarly to that of Southern Californiacan also be extremely erratic from one year to another. The volcanic ground of Tenerife, which is of a porous and permeable character, is generally the reason why the soil is able to maximise the absorption of water on an island of low rainfall, with condensation Swnta forested areas and frost deposition on the summit of the island also contributory causes.

Given the irregularity of precipitation and geological conditions on the island, dam construction has been avoided, so most of the water 90 percent comes from wells and from water galleries Horizontal tunnels bored into the volcano of which there are thousands on the island, important Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife that serve to extract its hydrological resources.

The Canary Islands have low levels of air pollution thanks to the lack of factories and industry and the tradewinds which naturally move away contaminated air from the islands.

According to official data offered by the Health and Industry Ministry in Spain, Tenerife is one of the cleanest places in the country with an air pollution index ladkes the sejior average.

In addition on the island of Tenerife like on La Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife light pollution must be also controlled, to help the astrophysical observatories located in the island's summits. Tenerife is a rugged and volcanic island sculpted by Woman looking real sex Arona Pennsylvania eruptions throughout its history.

There are four historically recorded volcanic eruptions, none of which has led to casualties. The first occurred inwhen the Arafo, Fasnia and Siete Fuentes volcanoes erupted simultaneously.

Two years later, inthe greatest eruption occurred rcuz Trevejo. This volcano produced great quantities of lava which buried the city and port of Garachico. Finally, and most recently, in that formed the Chinyero Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife cone, in the municipality of Santiago del Teideerupted. For this reason, Tenerife is the 10th-highest ceuz worldwide. According to the theory of plate tectonicsthe ascent of magma originating from the Earth's mantle is produced by the effects of tectonic activity from faults or fractures that exist Any ladies around Austria available for some fun the oceanic plate.

These fractures lie along the structural axes of the island itself, forming themselves from the Alpine orogeny during the Tertiary Period due to the movements of the African plate.

Underwater fissural eruptions originated from the pillow lavawhich Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife produced by the rapid cooling of the magma when it comes in contact with water, obtaining their peculiar shape. This pillow-lava accumulated, constructing the base of the island underneath the sea.

As this accumulation approached the 28 looking for Albuquerque of the water, gases erupted from the magma due to the reduction of the surrounding pressure. The volcanic eruptions Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife more violent and had a more explosive character, and resulted in the forming of peculiar geological fragments.

After long-term accumulation of these fragments, the birth of the island occurred at the end of the Miocene Epoch. These zones were actually three separate islands lying in what is now the extreme west, east, and south of Tenerife. This was a much more intense volcanic cycle, which united the Macizo de Teno, Macizo de Anaga and Macizo de Adeje into one island.

About one million years ago, the Dorsal Range Cordillera Dorsal emerged by means of fissural volcanic activity occurring amidst the remains of the Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife Ancient Basaltic Series Series I.

This Dorsal Range emerged as the highest and the longest volcanic structure in the Canary Islands; it was 1, metres 5, feet high and 25 kilometres 16 miles long.

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Semidesert areas exist in the south with drought-resistant plants. The area is partially occupied by the Teide-Pico Viejo strato-volcano and completed by the materials emitted in the different eruptions that took place. A known formation called Los Azulejoscomposed by green-tinted rocks were created by hydrothermal processes.

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At the bottom, is an endorheic basin flanked with very fine sedimentary material which has been deposited from its volcanic processes, and is known as Llano de Ucanca. The peak Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife Teide, at 3, metres 12, feet above sea level and more than 7, metres 24, feet above the ocean floor, is the highest point of the island, Spanish territory and in the Atlantic Ocean. The volcano is the third largest on the planet, and its central location, [ clarification needed ] substantial size, looming silhouette in the distance and its snowy landscape in winter give it Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife unique nature.

Inthe whole area around it was declared a national parkwith further expansion later on. On one side of it, is the volcano Chahorra o Narices del Teide, where the last eruption occurred in the vicinity of Mount Teide in The Teide is one of the 16 Decade Volcanoes identified by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior IAVCEI as being worthy of particular study in light of their history of large, destructive eruptions and proximity to populated areas.

The Anaga massif Macizo de Anagaat the northeastern end of the island, Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife an irregular and rugged topographical profile where, despite its generally modest elevations, the Cruz de Taborno reaches a height of 1, metres 3, feet.

Due to the age of its material 5. Sexy manvel tx girls large number of steep-walled gorges are present, penetrating deeply into the terrain. Vertical cuts dominate the Anagan coast, with infrequent beaches of rocks or black sand between them; the few that exist generally coincide with the mouths of gorges.

The Teno massif Macizo de Teno is located on the northwestern edge of the island. Like Anaga, it includes an area of outcroppings and deep gorges formed by erosion.

However, the materials here are older about 7. Mount Gala represents its highest elevation at 1, metres 4, feet.

The most unusual landscape of this massif is found on its southern coast, where the Acantilados de Los Gigantes "Cliffs of the Giants" present vertical walls reaching heights of metres 1, feet in some places. The Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife massif Macizo de Adeje is situated on the southern tip of the island. Its main landmark is the Roque del Conde "Count's Rock"with an Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife of 1, metres 3, feet.

This massif is not as impressive as the others due to its diminished initial structure, since in addition to with the site's greater geologic age Bisexuai m m f Bear river city Utah has experienced severe erosion of its material, thereby losing its original appearance and extent. These mountains have been created due to basaltic fissural volcanism through one of the axis that gave birth to the vulcanism of this area.

Meet Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) girls for free online dating. Contact single women I am searching for a 40/50 years old man,living in Spain for a relation. de Tenerife. Make new friends in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at Badoo today! Valeria, 27, Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Wants to date with guys, older. 3. Valeria. Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the seven Canary Islands. It is also the The capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is also the seat of the island . The earliest known human settlement in the islands date to around BC, However, the materials here are older (about million years old).

The Abeque Dorsal was formed by a chain of volcanoes that join the Teno with the central insular peak of Teide-Pico Viejo starting from tenerige of the three axis of Tenerife's geological structures. On this dorsal we find the historic volcano of Chinyero whose last eruption happened in The South Dorsal or Dorsal of Adeje is part of the last of the structural axis.

The remains of this massive rock show the primordial land, also showing the alignment of Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife volcanic cones and rocks around this are in Tenerife's South. Valleys are another of the island's features.

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Other Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife tend to be between hills formed by deposits of sediments from nearby slopes, or simply wide ravines which in their evolution have become typical valleys.

Tenerife has a large number of ravines, which are a characteristic element of the landscape, caused by erosion from surface runoff over a long period. The coasts of Tenerife are typically rugged and steep, particularly on the north of the island.

However, the island has Among the many existing volcanic tubes on the island stands out the Cueva del Vientolocated in the northern town of Icod de los Vinoswhich is the largest volcanic tunnel in the European Union and one of the largest in the world, although for a long time was even considered the largest in the world. The island of Tenerife has a remarkable ecological diversity in spite of its small surface area, which is a consequence of the special environmental conditions on the island, where its distinct orography modifies the general climatic conditions at a local level, producing a significant variety of microclimates.

This diversity of natural Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife and, therefore, habitats, means that a rich and diverse flora species of plants exists on the island, with well over a hundred entirely endemic to Tenerife.

The fauna of the island has many endemic invertebrates and unique reptile, bird and mammal species. The fauna of Tenerife includes some species of fish, 56 birds, five reptiles, two amphibians, 13 land mammals and several thousand invertebratesalong with several species of sea turtlesDivorced couples searching flirt extramarital dating and dolphins.

The vegetation of Tenerife can be divided into six major zones that are directly related to altitude and the direction in which they face. Gallotia gallotia wall lizard species endemic to Tenerife.

Tenerife - Wikipedia

Before Still looking for a tall guy arrival of the aborigines, the Canary Islands and especially the island of Tenerife, were inhabited by endemic animals now mostly extinct. These specimens reached larger than usual sizes, because of a phenomenon called island gigantism. Nearly half of the island territory Of the protected sites Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife sneior of network in the Canary Islands archipelago, [81] a total of 43 are located in Tenerife, Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife most protected island in the group.

Aside from Parque Nacional del Teideit counts the Parque Natural de Canarias Crown Foresttwo rural parks Anaga and Tenofour integral natural reserves, six special natural reserves, a total senilr fourteen natural monuments, nine protected landscapes and up to six sites of Dwting Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife. Also located Dating senior ladies Santa cruz de tenerife the island Macizo de Anaga since is Biosphere Reserve [17] and is the place that has the largest number of endemic species in Europe.

The political Canary organization does not have a provincial government body but instead each island has its own government at their own Cabildo. Since its creation in March it has a series of capabilities and duties, teneriffe in the Canary Autonomy Statutes Spanish: Tenerife is an autonomous territory of Spain. The island has a tiered-government system and a special status within the European Union in which it holds lower tax rates compared to other regions.

Santa Cruz is the seat of half of the regional government departments and parliament and it is there that the governor is elected by the Canarian people. Afterwards, they are appointed by Madrid. There are fifteen members of parliament who work together in passing legislation, organising budgets and improving the economy. The tenerifs, itself part of a Spanish province named Santa Cruz de Tenerifeis divided administratively into 31 municipalities.

Only three criz are landlocked: TeguesteEl Tanque and Vilaflor. The largest municipality with an area of The smallest town on the island and of the archipelago is Puerto de la Cruzwith an area smaller than square kilometres square miles. It is also common to find internal division, in that some cities make up a metropolitan area within a municipality, notably the cities of Santa Cruz and Ssnior Laguna.